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A Visit to the Vampires

March 29, 2010

Vampires are very topical at the moment what with the success of the Twilight books/movies as well as other themed stories, True Blood, Vampires Assistant, Vampire Diaries but to name a few.  I have been seeing my own coven of vampires since I was 18 years old in the form of the IBTS, the Irish Blood Transfusion Service.

It was over a year since I was there last so after a few letters, e-mails, texts, Facebook reminders and finally a phone call from a real person,  I went today.  I haa reason for staying away, an operation, and they stipulate 12 months absence after one of them.

It is good to see the differences in the way they operate though.  Each change is made to make the process more efficient, more transparent and safer for all.   For years it was the same scenario.  Arrive, give details and the registration clerk would hand write your details on a sheet if your pre-printed form wasn’t there.  Now each clinic is hooked to head office and your details are printed there and then after they scan your card.  All tests they do are scanned and typed into the laptops on each desk and then when you are brought to a bed, you are one of two donars that one attendant sees to.   The blood tests are taken at the same time as the bag is being filled, and the bag can then be split in multiples if needed.

Actually that was the key moment for me tonight.  They packed my donated pint into a bag with 3 other smaller bags.  I asked what they were for and I was told that there for new born babies.  My one donation maybe used three times.  Kinda made it a little more satisfying.

Roll up your sleeve if you can and give a little bit of yourself to the world.  3,000 pints needed each day in little old Ireland.

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