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Bar Codes and Mobile Tagging

March 30, 2010

Bar codes are one of those items that have baffled people not in the industry for years.  A code that you cant read with the naked eye but can tell so much about the item it is stuck to.  A cake of coke was the first place I remember seeing a bar code, but it was years later when scanners in supermarkets became common place that you witnessed an application for same.

Bar codes are old news these days, still in existence but as common and unexciting as a cellular telephone.  But it is the pairing of the two that is going to be come more prominent soon, primarily in markteing.  Publish a 2d code (like the one below which contains a link to this blog) and you have instant access to a wealth of information you may not be able to fit in your advert or dont want to clutter the design.  Scan with the mobile phone’s camera, and there you go.

Here’s one example of this in action

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