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Primary Research Methods

September 15, 2010

Primary research is the collection and analysis of first hand data through appropriate means such as survey, interview, experiment, or observation to name a few.  In the process of writing my thesis I will need to perform primary research in order to gather data that will be used in conjunction with secondary research (the review of previously published, peer approved academic articles and books.) to come to a conculsion of the research questions being asked (not fully defined yet, will update when complete)

For this thesis I am preparing a survey of knowledge workers about there experiences of web 2.0 tools and how effective or otherwise they are.  This will be my main primary research method, but to supplement it I would also like to gather as much information as possible using the tools I am researching.

Please feel free to comment on any part of this blog, to e-mail me with any comments, thoughts, insights, questions or clarifications you may have, and in the spirit of the social web, I will report and include all.  This is research with no pre-determined result but a method to determine if using the web 2.0 tools we have in our personal lives can be or would be used in our organisational worlds also.  What are the barriers to there successful adoption in an organisation, and are these barriers the leaders or the users creation.

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