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Time Management

October 21, 2010

I have been living the social media junkie life for the past few months.  I have been blogging, tweeting, facebooking (if that is the correct verb to use) and of course consuming as much content as I can both mainstream media and academic.

First thoughts, time management.  my phone has been beeping every (theres another one) couple of minutes with status updates on twitter, text, facebook, or google buzz, my google reader account as well as constantly having over 100 unread items is also growing in subscriptions as I come across another potential worthy point of reference to consume.

On time management courses I have attended over the years the one point I always got was to map your day and turn off e-mail, only checking it a few times during the day.  Now if I were to disconnect for any length, the time I would need to catch up on all the sources of info would be too great to be worth my while.

Would the introduction of such a 2.0 platform introduce these issues, or should it be seen as a natural part of the working day?  One initial thought on my day to day activities is that support I give using e-mail could now be shared with a greater audience of potential support seekers as opposed to the original requester.

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