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Definitions / Glossary of Terms

Here is a list of words or phrases that I use in the blog to give context.

Please comment with suggestions for inclusion or modification

Web 2.0 – The industry name for any technology that democratises information creation, sharing and consumption.  YouTube for video, WordPress and Blogger for blogs, Facebook, Twitter, for the concise.

Enterprise 2.0 – A similar definition to Web 2.0 but stored and maintained behind a companies firewall, and only available to those with access to the companies Intranet for instance.

Social Network – a set of linked contacts, either individuals or groups who share a common interest or

Social Media, Social Technoligies, Social Platform – all similar.  The branded base platform on which a social network is founded, grown, and maintained. Examples would be Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Salesforce Chatter.

Primary Research – Research conducted on a topic through survey, interview, study, pilot, experiment in qualitative, quantitative  or both.

Secondary Research – The review of published literature from peer reviewed academic sources. The Bibliography page is here.  Please highlight in comments any further suggestions.

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